Monday, August 19, 2013

Take Me To Da Sea

Wow, it's monday again
Today is day #1 of changing are home schedule around
time to get ready for Kindergarden !!!
Next Monday is the big day
Little girl has to be there at 7am which is an adjustment cause thats the time she usually gets
Well it's going to be a long week here

Sharing some photos of a canvas I painted a while back
you ever have this great idea but it doesn't come out as good as it looked in your head ? 
I have been wanting to do an ocean painting for above our bed for awile 
I had originally wanted to do it on pallet wood 
but that didn't happen...maybe next time

After I painted it I loved it but thought it needed something
So after having it hanging for awhile I stamped it with Take me to the Sea
not perfect alinement but then again I didn't want it to be perfect
This would be a great idea to stamp over an old thrift store painting
or a painting with a simple background 

I am thinking of adding maybe a boat or something in the wave line on the left hand side to off set the letters some
what do you think ? Should I leave it alone ?

Lots of things to finish and put together in our bedroom
#1 Curtains (thinking of some drop cloth curtains or a print)
#2 Mantel project 
#3 Hoop art project (which is in the works)
I will have to share some more photos of the bedroom

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