Monday, August 5, 2013

Butterfly Fun

Yay! Look what we did... We hatched out some Butterflies 
Yup!  yes we did 
We found 3 caterpillars on our garden munching on my parsley grrr
 (and sorry I can't find my caterpillar pix )
But we made them a cozy spot in a giant pickle jar (thanks mom mom)
I looked them up online and found out that they would turn into
Black Swallowtails Yippee!!! Super excited
Well we waited and waited finally they made cocoons 

that's when I got worried they were in them cocoons 4ever....
They started looking more like mummys blah, I thought about throwing them out at one point but didn't
 good thing cause next thing you know 
I woke up to a Big Ole Butterfly 
I almost screamed I was so excited
But I did run into Maddie's room and woke her 
It was like Christmas morning

The first one that cocooned didn't make it ugh he did turn into a mummy
eek sorry 

The other butterfly came out a day later, no pictures of him 
Boyfriend took right off 
He's was on a mission 

Isn't it beautiful
This has been something I will never forget
and I hope the kids remember too 

Here she is watching the little guy 
In her Pj's of course 

She would not hold it, she was terrified that it was going to bite her...

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