Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hammock House C.1709

Back to some more wine photos
I am almost thru editing my photos, my goodness
Originally I was upset that I couldn't shoot all of the events 
but in realty I am sort of glad, nap time  &
 late night editing just the weekend events is getting to me (ha,ha) 
especially when the weather is beautiful

These photos are from one of my favorite parts of the Wine & 
Food Weekend in Beaufort
 Dinners that are held at some of the historic homes downtown

This year one of my favorites was the Hammock House C. 1709
It's one of the oldest houses in Beaufort
After reading up on it some, It was an Inn, and a tavern at one time 
And Blackbeard the pirate was believe to have stayed
 there sometimes or even lived there 
I love a good house with history

This little guy even made his appearance there
Love the wood detail on this 

They had two different winemakers there serving tastes of their best wines
 & Chef Sheri Castle worked her magic in the Kitchen

This nice couple are the property owners 
love how they kept certain details of the homes original values

Lots of yummy eats

Perfect spot to enjoy the quiet evenings 

And here she is Chef Sheri Castle holding her baby her cookbook
The New Southern Garden

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