Thursday, March 28, 2013

Can't Stand The Cuteness

Finally got out the big camera, for some random shots of everyday life here lately

I am sad to say it doesn't come out enough anymore
I love taking pictures not sure why it's taken a back seat but here's to changing that
I will strive to shoot our everyday more often
especially with spring here and summer coming

I was working on the kids photo albums for 2012
eek so behind, but anyway I realized I have a ton
of photos of Maddie including 4 scrapbooks full
and hardly anything for the lil guy
Now I know what my brother felt like he's always
talking about how there were more pictures of me than him... lol 

This little girl is a handful but a good handful
she's a little motormouth, and is crazy smart to
smart really for her own good..
I can't wait to see what lies in her future
I know she is going to big things one day 

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  1. Lovely blog... Thought I'd stop by from Hello Mondays and decided to follow. :)


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