Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Open for Guests

In love with anything bird, especially these vintage book pages
hoping to add more like these to the house

As I am busy making 3 million lists of things to do, finish and so forth
I thought I would pop in an show you a few
photos of our guest room/office area
wish it was a little cleaner to show you more
but fabric and misc have taken off

This stool was my grandfathers, I love it's worn look
I use it for sewing or a nightstand like for guests
Love mean pieces have meaning 

In love with these guys got them for my Etsy shop
but haven't been able to part with them just yet 

Sneak Peek of some new handmade products getting ready
to appear in my shop, handmade pillows made from Vintage linens, 
Napkins or tea towels 

This rocker was also in my family found the perfect spot it here
where the littles can't mess with it too much 
cause nothings more fun than the stuff you aren't suppose to play with right

A Collection of old vintage books, love the worn look
some will be hitting my Etsy shop soon.

That crazy rock thing is a fossil I found near our old house has
ton of shelll pieces and other cool impressions 

Hope to share some more photos soon, I love our guest room
and am thrilled we have room to accommodate family and friends
speaking of guest its been awhile since someone has visited and I am
looking forward to having some visitors soon, hint hint

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