Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ocean Breeze in November

Can I just say it's amazing living so close to the beach
I can not wait for spring and summer to get here
While my parents were down we got to take them by one of the closest beaches to us, just to get a little peek at it.
And boy am I in love., so peaceful,
 so clean and love hearing the sound of the ocean 

How crazy is it all of this is happening in November after Thanksgiving

We are getting comfortable with our new digs
found a church we like, and the kids enjoy going to
I feel like the next chapter of our lives has started

but in the midst of our happiness a stress hangs over our head
hubbys job (of which is the whole reason we moved here) is in limbo
no constant paycheck no sense of security
fear of the total unknown 
pretty bummed and scared 
hoping to push thru and get to where we need & want to be

We have a lot to be thankful for
our family & friends (who support us)
our beautiful children who makes us laugh everyday

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  1. You have taken admirable photograph of this Ocean breeze and the beach, these all the photographs are looking very beautiful. It's December and all the kids are crazy about Christmas celebration, i hope you will take photograph of this occasion and share on this blog shortly.

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