Thursday, October 25, 2012

We're home

We have arrived well actually we've been here for a week but
 just got the new internet up and running.
We love our new home and our new town. 
Still haven't done too much exploring yet
but we have plenty of time. 

Thought I would share a few photos of our new house still a work in progress
Still a ton of stuff to unpack/bring from storage.
We are slowly working on that.
We haven't seen some of our things in months
3 months to be exact. When we get to bring the kids toys home
it will feel like Christmas to them.

Getting my work place set up "slowly" in our guest room above the garage
I love the natural light in this room. Can't wait to show you more of it.
We have a great space for guests. 
Hoping to eventually put a bathroom up here.
In time, in time that is. 

It hasn't hit me about being a stay at home mom yet., as Tom's been home
with us. Taking care of the kids and my Etsy shop will by my jobs.
For now I am excited on all of our adventures to come.
I feel like we have a 2nd start on all of things.

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