Saturday, April 21, 2012

The City

Look closely at the windows in this picture, I love the paintings 
How cool

Hey there, I was talking about our sunday trip the other day
here are some photos from it. Us country mice went to the big city. I have only been there a couple times I guess. Mostly to the Inner Harbor.
We took Tom's F250 truck and most of these photos were taken as I hung out the window as we flew thru the city. And he hollered at me to roll up the window as we had to go thru some interesting parts of the city. 
I like the buildings and nitty gritty of the city but I don't think I could live there.
But it's fun to explore.

 Tom's Uncle was in John Hopkins ICU there with
GBS Guillion Barre Syndrome a rare disease where your body immune system attach your nervous system and basically loose control of everything. He can't move his arms can't talk can only move his feet.
He is being transferred to a rehab facility this week. 

We are off to NC next week I will be doing the event photography for the Beaufort Food & Wine Weekend. Super stoked this is my 3rd year shooting it.

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