Thursday, March 15, 2012


I captured these sweet pictures a couple weekends ago and they are dear to my heart, 
I love that these too are close
I love that Maddie's is a big helper, 
I even love when she reports everything to me that he does. I know he'll be getting into her stuff more soon
and things will change. I can only hope these two remain close. I am close to my brother alot more that some people are that has changed some in the last couple years or so, but we still are in contact frequently even thou we are far apart.

Hope everyone has an awesome St. Patty's day & Weekend the weather sounds good.
Been some good temps this week. I have blogged as much as I would have liked to but it's been nice, we've been are normal busy., on top of that we bought a new car, been interviewing for preschool and been busy trying to reduce our debt.
What have you guys been up to ?

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