Monday, March 5, 2012

Dalton's Special Day

Awh doesn't he look like a doll baby

Maddie's brick at the church need to work on getting Dalton one

Pops and Mason, love that smirk

My sis in law Lindsey

Grandma Henderson and baby D

My Parents and Dalton 

Love the way Dalton & my dad are looking at each other

Dalton's Special Day
We finally got Dalton Christened Presidents Day Weekend In Neavitt Church, the same church where Maddie was christened and myself and my father.
The church is pretty special to me., There are only about 10 people that normally attend. So they were excited to have more people in attendance. I would love to attend this church just wish it was closer for us. My brother and his wife are Dalton & Maddie's godparents. They came up from NC to attend.
The service was nice and I love how the Pastor asking everyone to grab a stone out of the giant shell to signify the remembrance of their baptist.
It was a great celebration.

I am home today with a sick lil girl, started with a high fever yesterday must be viral no cough, no running nose just a fever. And my lil man is still not sleeping thru the night. Oh the adventures of parenthood.

I have alot to share of new products for the shop.
I hope to get in and running soon.

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