Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bedtime Kisses

These photos are super grainy !! eek
But I had share the cuteness
Big Sis has to have baby bro tuck her in and give hugs n kiss before bed.
He loves it too, even if he's fussy he calms right now when I put
him in her bed. I remember seeing pictures of me with with my
baby brother in my bed reading him a story.

We are getting used to our new schedule with me being back to work.
Things went smoothly last night. I've been pretty good about following a system. Planning our dinners. Getting stuff ready the night before helps.

My 200mm lens tore up ugh.. working on getting that repaired
So I have my 50mm dang so love this lens for close ups
But is taking some adjustments getting used to using it for everyday.
I have a couple events lined up excited about those.
Can't wait to share some of the photos.
Ooh speaking of sharing I have some inspiration photos from Pinterest to share. So many awesome things on there. I'm truely addicted.

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