Wednesday, July 20, 2011

OC Boardwalk

Packed boardwalk
Okay it's kind of like where in the world is Waldo ? 
Can you find the Seagull ?

Not to happy about the mini ferris wheel
I think it went to slow for her

Merry Go Round with Mommy!!
We started out on the bench and ended up on a Zebra 

So cool ! Chillin on the bumper boats

Fun ride with mommy 
Look at that mouth open everytime we went around the corner the airplane would speed up and she would squeal!!

Mouth open again

This is what chubby armed baby brother thought about the

Sound asleep

So blurry love it thou looks like a watercolor

We took a trip to Oc to hit the boardwalk to spend the day
this past week. We have been wanting to take Maddie on some good kiddie rides. The ones at the local fairs haven't been real good. The ones at the fair
across the street broken down on us. Not fun. Anyway, we hit on the Trumper Amusement rides on the boardwalk. We started with the indoor ones. Which it was like stepping into a time warp. These were the exact same rides my brother and I have rode on when we were little I've seen them in photos. 
Everything is in pretty good shape thou. I was impressed.. 
Maddie loved the rides she cracked me up she's so adventurous sometimes
she wanted to go on the bumper cars, the huge roller coaster & the zipper 
whoa girl ! 
We then ate lunch at the Dough roller & later stopped at
 Dairy Queen for an ice cream. 

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