Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dalton's 1st week home

Big Sis loves reading to him

Hanging out with Big Sis 

Hey everyone
Here's a few photos from baby Dalton's 1st week home
We are still adjusting but busy this week with Dr's appts & Daycare interviews
Bit of the baby blues going on, doesn't help watching Extreme home makeover reruns & 2012 while feeding him.. lol
My biggest problem is feeling like big sister is getting time/attention from
mommy. We are working on that, I try hard each day to do something just the to of us. Weather it's taking a walk or reading, drawing, painting something.
Hoping to have a day with her soon. Thinking of taking her to see Cars 2.


  1. Congrats-I am just getting to catch up on my reading and he's BEAUTIFUL!!! I hope that you are adjusting well-its a tough jump to two!! I've just been where you are now and I promise it gets easier. After these first wild newborn weeks, there is a calm and they just seem to fall into your "before" life. You'll look back on these weeks and laugh at the chaos!

  2. hes so so beautiful!!! Looks like big sis is adjusting to him just fine !!


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