Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Two posts in the same day.. look at me.
Still trying to catch up on some posts
These are a few I took of Miss Maddie in her #3 dress
I made her for her birthday party.
I couldn't find a dress without a pocket so I made it work.
Not crazy about the whole pocket deal but I think it's cute.
And she loves it. She so into dresses right now.

Can't believe today is June 1st.,
20days left till my due date everyone is guessing I'll go sooner.
Bets for June 5,7 or Fathers day weekend.
Fathers day weekend would be cool since Maddie's birthday always
falls on Mothers day weekend.
Super nervous this go around, maybe cause I know whats going to go
down labor wise this time.
Nervous about managing a baby and a super energic 3 yr old.
So many worries....
But can't wait to meet the little guy and get into a routine.

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