Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Lounging lions

Mr. Cheetah eatin the horse

Chowin down on some popcorn

Since the weather was decent on saturday
we decided to take Maddie to the National Zoo in
Washington. We had an experience trying to
get there but made it there. I got a workout
dragging my fat pg butt up those hills.
Everything was so spread out. Yes I'm whining..
Anyway Maddie loved the animals and now
asks if we are going to see the animals everytime
we get in the car.
The lions were her favorite and loved roaring at
them., hollering at the tigers telling them to wake up.
And telling the Cheetahs to stop eating the "horse"
yes she thought at first they were playing with toys
at first then we told her he was eating she told her daddy oh no he's eating a horse.
I liked to die when she said that, as load as can be.

Some random shots from the city
taken out the car window

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