Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Love the CSI pinball machine

Playing wack a shark with daddy

Trying to bowl... that was quite interesting

Guess who's favorite machine this was...
I think Daddy spendt $20 and we left with 7 dinos

Look at that face... telling daddy which one she wanted...

So big!!

Tellin mommy look beach, right there

Shark tail coming out of the Ripley's museum

We made a short visit to the beach this past weekend.
We were disappointed to find the rides weren't open
so we checked out the arcade. Maddie was amazed by the load music & the lights from all of the machines.
Her favorite of course was the dino machine.
You had to pick up rubber dinos with the
dino skeleton's mouth. Daddy was very good with it.,
we came home with 7 dinos. Like we needed some more.
We then walked the boardwalk some and ate pizza at doughrollers.
Yum! Maddie did awesome and went to the potty no accidents.
She slept all the way home. Girlfriend was wore out.

Sunday we ran errands and got birthday supplies for
Maddie's 3rd birthday! coming up. Trying to prepare for everything ahead
of time. She loves playing with the cups and plates and even wanted
to sleep with  Of course it's a dino themed party!!

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