Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Babys Quilt

Testing out my new lens I decided to squeeze a photo shoot
of the babys quilt in the last few minutes of day light.
I love the days staying light later but am not liking getting up in the dark.
Love this bassinet especially since it has history. It'll be 56 yrs old!! this May.
It was my Dads when he was a baby. I did use it briefly with Maddie
but everytime her arm would hit the side she would wake up and cry.
She hated being swaddled and wrestled to get one arm out of the
blanket. Wonder what the new baby is going to be like.

The lovely quilt I custom ordered from Kacie's wonderful Etsy shop
Check it out here. I love the It's a hoot fabric from Moda.
She had done a quilt I liked and I asked if she could make a version
with out the pink in it. I think it turned out nicely.
I love the polka dot blue trim.
She has an all pink version right now in her shop that is adorable.


  1. Oooh the quilt is adorable!! Wow, I can't wait to see it in person, and to see the nursery!!! Aw, I can't wait to meet him too. Keep us posted on names!!

  2. The quilt is gorgeous, Christy! You are going to love being mama to a little boy. Boys are so fun!
    Loud, but fun.


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