Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Road Trip & Etsy additions

Atlantic Hotel in Berlin, MD
Where Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts was filmed

Scenes from Seacrets in OC!
Cool bar with bottles, What a cool idea
They also have a work boat that was made into a bar.

They even have their own radio station


Mardela Springs

Still catching my few photos from our date day back in October
We hit up a few antique stores in Berlin.
Had lunch in Ocean City, Yum Jerk Chicken tenders & Jamaican fries.
My favorite!!
Then took the long scenic way home.
It's nice to have a day to explore here and there.

Added a few more things to my Etsy shop and re-newed a few oldies.
Check it out!

Would make a great Christmas gift
perfect for a mantle or could be hung on the wall

handmade by myself

Vintage feed sack
Would be awesome repurposed into a pillow

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