Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vacation Bloopers

Corn Hole Tournments - quite interesting photo footage

Need I say more

A Brother & Sister falling asleep... 
look at those mouths open

A breaking dancing brother...

A late night pool playing/fake musical instrument playing session

A father who wears baby hats and forgets they're still on his head.

Who's says the kids table at dinnertime isn't fun

Word up! A Pretzel break after break dancing..
 gotta love that outfit Mike

Falling asleep after an afternoon of shopping
Maddie's wondering why everyone is sleeping

Trying to use the remote to get a family picture...
nice huh
More nice family photos to come

hmm what are they saying? This is a stick up, 
We're #1 or having lunch with your cousin is #1 fun  yay! 

Saved the scary one for last
This was a remote camera test...

Hope these images didn't frighten you.
We have a good time on vacation.
I had to share these photos.
I still have a few more posts w/vacation photos to come.

Blogger and me are having a war.
Some pictures I was able to make larger others are small grrrr....

Busy editing wedding photos from the weekend.
Katie & Todd's wedding was great! Katie really took time on the details.
And you couldn't have asked for better weather. After a week full of rain
Saturday was perfect! A post of the some the details to come.

Also speaking of photos, perfect time to get some Christmas card shots
done. The weather is cooler the leaves are changing colors.
Call or email to set something up if your interested.

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  1. Looks like your family had a great time - very fun loving, I can tell!


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