Friday, October 8, 2010


Nice lil coffee shop stopped for fruit energy smoothies

Neat building downtown Manteo area

Cute lil antique stores like this one

Waterfront area downtown Manteo
Our friends Kim & Kirk

I promise I am almost done with vacation photos...
These are a few shots of Manteo, I call it Man-teo,
but it's pronunouced Maneo.. those silent letters get you everytime don't they.
Anyway Manteo is a cute lil town near the Outer Banks.
We've been wanting to explore the town. As it's on our list of possible
future towns to relocate to. Super cute waterfront town, lots of little shops,
Antique stores, Restaurants. Adorable craftsmans style houses everywhere.
Oh and apparently Andy Griffith lives here now.

Loving this fall weather, headed to the pumpkin patch this weekend!
And hoping to hit some yard sales. Wishful thinking probably.


  1. hi there ... you didn't miss the giveaway ... it's coming up!
    thanks for your comment.
    lovely blog you have here :)

  2. Hi there, just catching up with you!
    Your pictures from vacation are FANTASTIC! Oh my gosh. What a wonderful and beautiful vacation house. Does your family own that home or is it a rental? It looks incredible. The boat, the tiki bar, the pool, the beach, the pier, the fun family, LOVE IT all!

    Happy fall day my friend. :)

  3. looks like an awesome little town - I have never been to the outter banks but I would love to visit. Thanks for sharing!!
    Hope your doing well - I am trying to get back to blogging and reading my favorite blogs a bit more -
    have a good week


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