Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pouty Carnival rider

My new cards for my Etsy shop
I got new cards for my Etsy store from here.
Cute lil store that has awesome packaging, I totally love the Library Cards. They would make a cool scrapbooking journaling piece.

Totally not happy- pouty face the whole ride.
No tears thou
Still not happy
Oh boy cotton candy..
what a sticky mess !!

We ended up taking Maddie to the Carnival Saturday in St. Mikes,
just to ride a few rides. We ended up buying a bracelet for $20, She usually loves to ride the rides, normally cries when we take her off.
But I totally learned my lesson by buying her a bracelet.
And she refused to get on any rides.. eek So what did I do I made her ride a couple. No tears just totally pouted the whole time. There was only one ride that she like the same Dinosaur ride that was at the Fourth of July Carnival. She rode that over and over then she had, had it with that ride to.


  1. Very cute! That is one pouty carnival rider, but she's still so cute!

  2. I LOVE your new shop cards!! Thanks for sharing!


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