Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gifts for Baby J

Sweet lil flower
Intial onesie with a cute cupcake background
First time making a bib. Turned out okay

Still trying to catch up on my posts.
Thought I'd share a few snapshots of some goodies I made for Baby J
Due to arrive in Sept. I have a bunch of onesies & shirts I have
left over. Might try to post a few to sell.
Taking up too much room. Still working on decluttering.
I tried selling some of them on Etsy with no luck. Thinking of adding to my facebook page and trying to sell them that way.  Any thoughts ?

I am also going to try featuring a Etsy shop here on the blog every other friday. I know this is suppose to be a place to show my photography work but it's kind of developed into much more. Sort of my journal, family, friends, crafts, vintage, etsy, etc. And I like it that way I think. Might change up things up and make the photography portion have it's own section.
So many ideas so little time.


  1. Put them back on Etsy!!! We LOVE our shirt so much and get complements on it whenever he wears it!!! Keep us updated if you decide to post them

  2. super cute items!
    such talent....i can barely sew on a button :)


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