Thursday, July 22, 2010

What I am crushin on lately

Seen one of these on Etsy, but didn't jump on it :(
I missed out. I love the color first of all
Plus I am wanting to start a vintage camera collection, ever since
I seen a display of them in an antique store.
I so want on of these!!! Yes I know I just got a shootsac but I would love to have a tote like this for everyday outings. I could of course tote my camera while still have room for wallet, diapers etc ...etc..
Plus it's turquoise my fave color
Maybe I'll put this on my Xmas list

Covered Notebook from the Pleated Poppy
I love these!! Another item on my Xmas list
You must check out Lindsey's great shop the Pleated Poppy
So many neat things.

Zippered pouch from the Pleated Poppy
I need one of these for my purse.. to hold all the necessities

Pillow from lil bit funky
So loving anything banner! I love this pillow especially the color.

Awesome seaglass stop watch necklace from here
Aren't these the coolest necklace
What a great idea!!

Vintage map prints from this cool Etsy store
These are awesome I love all of the prints Would love to have a couple.

Anyway thought I'd take a break posting wedding photos to share
a few of my favorite things lately.


  1. LOVE yor favorites! I adore that purse too!!! It is the perfect size and color! :) And of course, Pleated Poppy = happiness! I take the zippered pouch everywhere with me!! Thanks for visiting me and sharing your favorites as well, xoxox! -Holly

  2. love the jo-totes bag too - might need to put a new camera bag on my list too

  3. Oooohhh I love everything too!

  4. that pillow is soooo cute! i've been wanting to make one, but it might just be easier to buy one from crystal ;) that camera is one that's on my list, too. super cute.


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