Friday, July 16, 2010

Todays the day

Here is my mini wallet, Isn't it awesome ?

Todays the big 200th post giveaway!!
As promised here is a little Q & A from
Grab your coffee and donut and read on

Here's a bit about Andrea:

First and foremost I'm the CEO of my little household. I love to keep our house running and doing my best to keep the hearts in it as happy as I can. I've always loved art and that carried all the way through college where I earned my BA in Graphic Design. I started sewing for reals (I had dabbled a little here and there) about 3 years ago when I made my best friend an apron for her birthday. I was hooked. I now spend about 2-4 hours a day with my sewing machine. We're close ;). The Etsy shop just naturally flowed out of my increased sewing and a growing interest (by friends and family) in what I was making. So far it's been a great fit for me, balancing a little business and still keeping up with my full time, CEO shop. When I'm not sewing, I also love to run, read, shop, knit, drink Starbucks and get pedicures.

Your shop has a great variety of products,
What is your favorite item in your shop ?

Hmmm, that's a tough question. I try not to make anything that I don't love. Some items I originally started with (like aprons) I don't do as much because I'm just not loving the creative process. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd say the 'gathered' line of clutches and now iPad/Kindle covers has got me really inspired. I have a few more ideas I'm itching to create with a similar look.

I love your use of fabric combinations,
What is your favorite fabric and/or
fabric designer that you like to use?

Thank you! Shopping (one of my favorite things to do) is one of the biggest perks of owning a sewing business. My favorite combination of fabrics is mixing a floral, a stripe and a polka dot. I think it's a winning combination. Currently I'm loving, "Early Bird" by Cosmo Cricket, "Nicey Jane" by Heather Bailey, "Meadowsweet" (and soon "Meadowsweet 2") by Sandi Henderson ... and I could go on and on. :D

Picture keeper - This is next on my list

Last question, What is your favorite vacation spot ?

Well if I go off of personal experience ... without a doubt, Maui, HI. I don't think I want to live there, but I'd be happy to vacation there for 4 weeks out of the year. LOVE it! My second favorite spot, that we are able to visit a few times a year is the Oregon Coast. I have so many memories from my childhood with my parents and grandparents, my honeymoon and all the vacations we've taken as a family. Plus it doesn't hurt that my bestie lives an hour and a half inland :).

Thank you so much to Andrea for sponsing this giveaway!!
She's is so talented and so friendly to work with.
Please visit Andrea's shop she has so many unique things.
Christmas will be here before you know it...
She also does custom orders, Check her blog for more information.

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  1. Thanks for the interview and link to KNitty Bitties Blog. Lovely to read and great items. I am allready following you and cannot find anything on Andrea's blog where you can follow her so can't do that. Nice blog though!

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  5. Hi!! This is such a cool little interview and I love the wallets and other goodies.

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