Friday, July 30, 2010

Projects & Pigtails

2 droopy pigtails.. I am the worst hair dresser ever.
She'll hate me one day because of this.
But hey she likes it now.. She loves looking at herself in the mirror

Yesterday when I picked Maddie up from
Daycare her bin was full of these goodies!!
How cute is that., July is Space month at daycare.
I love the art projects she made.
I have so been looking forward to getting them.
I am so happy with our Daycare choice (thanks Dorothy)
I love all of their programs and activities, the teachers the director
Maddie is happy too!
But I am not going to lie we have had a couple days where i have lost it in the parking lot. A flood of tears after watching her chase after me and pull on my pants as I tried to get out the door.. eek.
 But even on the bad days she's just pouts she doesn't cry.
That does make it a litte easier.


  1. Hang in there Christy - it will get better -
    although it is the hardest thing to get through!!!
    love that you photographed her art work
    there will be so much more in the next few years!!

  2. aww I never liked it when the little kids I babysit do that as there parents leave. It makes me so sad for them that they are so upset... and I feel like there is nothing I can do. However, being on the side that the kid stays with after those pouts, it only last a little bit and then they get distracted.

    Just savor these times where she can't get enough of you, you'll need to pull them out around age 13 or 14... haha.


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