Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quilted treasures

I have had these quilts for a long while. My father gave them to me.
I can not remember exactly when he gave them to me.
They were my grandmothers and great grandmothers.
I stuffed them in a Rubbermaid box as I knew they were old and didn't want them to get messed up
Plus I didn't know how to display them.
I am in love with quilts and have an appreciation of them more so than before.
Plus these are close to my heart too sine someone in the family made them. 
I have been pouring over the pages of Etsy, and dying to come across one at a yard sale.
I have also been wanting to make Maddie one. But that's another story.
I thought the other day, where are those quilts Dad gave me ?
I combed all of the closets and under the bed and finally found them.
The box smelled musty when I opened it. 
A couple of them look like they would fall apart if I opened them.
I am so sadden I don't know if storing them in the air tight box made them deterate (spelling?)
sooner or if they've been that way.
I haven't opened any of them up all of the way yet.
Pulled them right out of the box and took photos.
I looked up on the internet about preserving quilts.
Good Ol Martha Stewart says to store in an acid free cardboard box
with tissue paper in between the folds. And to take out every 4-6 months
and refold so the creases don't stay.
Anyone have any other recommendations for quilt care ?

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  1. i have tons of old quilts - scattered about the house. I have one big armoire [sp?} that I keep open w/ all the quilts folded neatly so they show then I have some antique chairs that have some drapped on -
    I don't keep them boxed up b/c they are too pretty - but that's just me!!


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