Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crafts & Cool Yard sale finds

I have seen these banners all over Etsy & on Blogs., finally made my own.
Not sure if I want to keep it for Maddie's room or put on Etsy yet .

Baby shower gift for Baby Ascher
Awesome yard sale find .... Can't decide where to hang it yet

Cool Vintage pin (just sold) in my Etsy shop

Been working on a few craft projects (after someone's bedtime)
and hope to finish hope the last project this week.
Made a couple onesies for a baby shower & a friends baby soon to arrive.
Made a fabric banner, which was pretty easy to make.
Hardest part deciding on what fabrics to use.

Did some yard saleing, and combed a local indoor yard sale.
That's where I found the painting above. Need to clean it up some.
I love it! Love the scene and the big chunky frame.
Was thinking about spray painting the frame a cool color ?
Like Miss LeeAnn at Vintage Sassy who has me wanting to spray paint everything I can get my hands
Any ideas ? Paint or not to paint ??

Don't forget !! I am having my first ever giveaway on friday!!


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