Thursday, May 6, 2010


Loved this window, it's a cute lil building which holds Beach House Realty
Excuse the quality of photos taken with my point & shoot

What a cool little town, all of these cars on the street but we hardly seen anyone else..
Make the guys check out some shops

More shots from Swansboro
Such a cute quiet town on the water. I could live there.
I think the guys were bored but they managed to put themselves thru it for me.

Well today 2yrs ago today, my water broke here at work.. in the hallway in front of everyone in the office.
Everyone went crazy panicking to drive me to the hospital. What a mess! I was soaked.
I had been having some back pain all afternoon but nothing consistant.
I was due until 5/19 I but had her 5/7 $ 4:17am
What a blessing she is !! I am thankful for her everyday.
I love watching her learn new things, she's growing up so fast
I can't wait to celebrate her birthday with friends & family on Saturday!!

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  1. sending birthday hugs to the little one - and lot's of cake!!!


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