Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From my front porch

Our sidewalk drawlings daily ritual at our house

Chubby fingers

My mexi roses

Couple shots of my front porch., Check out the adoreable table my brother made.
Isn't it awesome!! And it's my favorite color!!
He made a couple table to sell at a craft show/flea market in Beaufort NC where he lives
He sold a few smaller side tables but none like the one seen here :(
Bummer I think it's awesome.
He lives in a beachy town, you think they would have been a big hit.
I think he should try to put a few on Craigslist or maybe contact a local shop.
Their town has a bunch of cute lil shops right on the water. Very tourist friendly!
Mike if your reading this, you should check into it.
He's selling them for $35 the few he did were in the color seen above and a peachy orange color
and a cool seagrass color.
We did a trade this table for a that pedastol sink we had ! Good trade!
(however he brought the table up when he came to visit but I forgot to give him the sink)
oops!!  :(

Good news!! Food & Wine weekend Photos are in the mail
On to new projects!

Headed to a cool car show this weekend! It's a wild one. Definatly bringing my camera.
photo from Mobtown greaseball photos on facebook

It's called Mobtown Greaseball Spring Fling
Lots of tattoos, beer and cool cars!
Okay not into the beer or tattoos but cool cars!!
I am hoping to get some great car shots., with my new lens.
The people are fun too! They dress in full 1950 attire
Lots of greasers, tight white tshirts and rolled up jeans.
The women wear 1950 style dresses and petal pushers. I love it!!
Wish I could pull that off. Plus they have alot of retro bands


  1. love your brother's table. so cute! and i esp. love that turquoise wash color!

  2. love that table!!! Oh if I were closer I'd get one - and that color is great!!

  3. Um, I am going to have to have that table. Thanks :)


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