Monday, May 10, 2010


Maddie had a great birthday!!!
She had a busy weekend, did lots of partying, ate lots of sweets and got a ton of cool presents.
We all enjoyed spending time with family & friends.
No cake competion. Tom chickened out, so last minute I got a cake from Giant.
And guess what they had a Nemo cake. Talk about lucky.
I did make my cake, pictured in above. Turned out okay.

We crammed everything into this weekend.
Friday night we went to dinner with family to celebrate her birthday
Saturday a.m. we wenting yard saleing, then in the afternoon we had her party. Then in the evening
we had snow crab legs & jumbo shrimp at my parents house. Needless to say we were all wore out.
Sunday Maddie & Tom took me out for breakfast for Mothers Day. We then went back to my parents to see my brother off. That was emotional! Everyone hates to see them leave. Then we stopped for lunch
before heading home and when we finally got home we all crashed. Tom & I hit the couch and Maddie
down for a nap. After we recharged we went to dinner w/Tom's family to take their mom out for dinner.
and Maddie took a long nap.

I took a ton of pictures was too tired to go thru them all. Will do a big post tomorrow.


  1. How adorable and she has my favorite color of bow in her hair! I think your cake was highly successful.



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