Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Craft Projects

Just keeping swimming swimming, swimming...

Thought I'd share a few craft projects I've worked on lately. We've been having trouble with Maddie sleeping. As in going down to sleep and then waking up several times in the middle of the night crying.
She's gotten back on schedule now and goes down okay but is still waking up at least once a night. Not as bad as it was. She loves Nemo!! I had seen a pillow case tutorial online. So I ordered Nemo fabric made it.
Hoping it would help her sleep. She loved the fabric and loves pointing out Nemo on it. At first she kept throwing it out of her crib several times. ha,ha Nice try! right.  However now she's seems to like it.
We say are you ready to go nah-night with Nemo and she'll say YEAH!!

Now I'm ready to make some pillowcase for our bed. So easy to make to.
I also made her this little starfish shirt., turned out pretty good.

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