Friday, January 29, 2010

Twin Chimneys

1908 ? Crazy
This was a lil creepy especially since I didn't see it at first
Awesome! Chimneys I find it weird that they're on the inside of the house not on the outside edge.
This house caught our eyes off of Rt. 301 (Millington area ?) coming back from Wilmington De.  There are alot of neat 3 story old houses on that road. We both looked at each other at the same time and said what was that. We then busted a U turn on the highway and pulled up to it. Of course I had to beg Tom to let me peek inside. The state must be planning to tear it down as the property was marked w/flags in some places. Can you imagine tearing it down ? The frame looks sturdy, good bones. For being dated 1908. Someone must have lived there not too long ago cause the other side did have a cable dish hanging off of the


  1. Beautiful pictures. You are very very talented!!


  2. The rope is a little creepy, I agree. The place looks like it had a fire. Nice captures!

  3. Amazing pictures! I just love aging buildings. It makes me want to just it and imagine all the lives that passed through them.


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