Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Catching up !

Holding Maddie's ears against the screaching from our fireworks

Ooh.. Ahhh

Maddie's loves her pool

Maddie loving the waves. She would clap everytime a wave would crash.

Daddy's girl

Whew... here are a few pictures to catch up where I left off. Maddie ran a fever on the fourth so we ended up staying home and letting off a couple fireworks. At first she didn't know what to think then when the second one went off I heard oooh.
Couple are of Maddie in her pool. Which is awesome found at Target. Keeps her out of full sun.
It also has a little sprinkler on the front that you hook the hose to. She loves it! and sticks her face right in the middle of it. She is definatly the going to be the kid in the pool that splashes everybody. She not afraid of anything I think..
The beach pictures are from her first day at the beach. We took her to Ocean City to check out the boardwalk. And of course try some Thrasher French fries.. a must have. She tore them up.
Then we had lunch in Rehoboth and onto Lewes to a nice little section of beach by the ferry dock.
And Maddie had a ball! At first she wasn't sure about it the sand and the water. But then she started clapping those lil hands and grinning. She had an audience for sure.
That's it for now, more to come from this past weekend. The fair, Baby contest and Tuckahoe Steam & Gas. And my day with Natalie Franke!! of Natalie Franke Photography.

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