Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Day

Baby D watching the chilly egg hunt thru the window

Our dyeing cups what a mix 

So not happy watching the Egg dyeing process

Our Easter was very laid back this year,
 We spent time together as a family 
Had a mini Egg hunt on the back porch and went to the park.
Plus we got a visit from my parents. They brought their own eggs and had an egg hunt for Maddie.
She loved it
We had plans to go across the bridge to Frederick MD
to Tom's Aunt & Uncle's place but his other Uncle developed a weird condition called Guillion Barre (spelling?) out of the blue
and is hospitalized in John Hopkins. What a scary thing to 
arise out of the blue. They said he will recover just not sure how long it will take could be weeks, months even years.
Pretty scary to be normal one minute and in the next everything changes. He is only 45!! goodness

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