Monday, April 9, 2012

Giveaway Time !

Meet Lindsey my sister in law owner & operator of the Etsy shop 
Thirty Something She is donating a card wallet from her shop for the giveaway!!

Here's a little ditty about Lindsey ~
I started sewing by hand in elementary school. My first memories are finding fabric scraps in my best friends's basement and sewing them together to create these little pillows for a stray cat I had at home.
Then I took Home Ec in Middle School and sewed a little but it wasn't until High School that I had Ms. Washburn as my sewing teacher. She was demanding and strict, old fashioned with the most beautiful silver grey hair. I first learned how to sew on the machine in her sewing class and I just loved it.

My Etsy shop reflects my whimsical style and my love for sewing. The Happy Birthday banner has gotten a great response in my shop and I am really proud of it. I created it for my son's 1st birthday party. My mom always used to hang a banner and streamers for my birthday, even when I was in my teens. Then in college, my roommate and I made Happy Birthday banners for each other with plain paper and markers and would hang them up over the doorway. The banners became sort of sentimental and I found myself wanting to make one that I could hang over and over for my son and husband. So I designed the one shown in my shop and with my mom's help (which was a very special shared time ). I sewed it together and hung it the next day for his party! Did I mention that I'm a procrastinator ?

Here are some questions I asked Lindsey & her answers

1) What is your favorite item in your shop & why? 

I think my most favorite item is the alligator I painted on an old piece of wooden siding that my husband found. I knew I wanted to paint something on this board and the alligator just started appearing as I started painting. Painting is a really fun process for me. I get really messy and just feel so free. I can paint something and if I don't like it I can just re do it. I don't like to make it complicated, just whatever feels natural and that way I can just be a complete spazz. I think this piece is one of my favorites !!

2) What inspires you ? and/or a place that inspires you ? 

Nature inspires me for sure. I think nature, the creatures, the colors, the textures, it's tenacity. That is the ultimate art. How does the universe make such beautiful things ?? It amazes me. I love seeing how a tiny flower will rise from the crack in a sidewalk. Living in NYC I loved the grittiness of the city, a true concrete jungle. Going to the zoo in the Bronx and the botanical garden was bewildering and refreshing. These lush, natural, thriving spaces in the middle of all these towering buildings? The energy there inspired me. I love seeing all the stencil graffiti on the streets and the typography on the screen-printed posters posted by the dozens on the walls. It just made me feel as if everyone was busy and I like that.

3) I asked Lindsey what her goals were for her New Etsy shop?

She says first of all, I believe you only get out what you put in to something.
I only have a few items in my shop and I'd like to keep it that way.
I have part time jobs, school, family and friends that I put a lot of time into. My main goal for my shop is to make it a vehicle to reach others so that I can create items for a special time in their lives or just simply to add a little piece of creativity to their lives. Nothing major, it's not earth shattering and I don't want it to be. I've got something people want and I will try my best to create high quality results and create things for people who don't have the skills that I do. I loved adding in custom details and overcoming little challenges along the way. 

4) Any new products or ideas for you shop you are working on ?

I would really like to do more fish paintings on old found wood. I'd like to do a whole school. And keep them bright and colorful with little details. 
Check back to see !

Check out Lindsey's Etsy shop
and her cute blog here 

Lindsey is giving away one of her adorable card wallets!!
Yay! how awesome. These lil guys are perfect for holding your business
cards., credit cards, or grocery store savings cards. Unless possibilities.
These are the cutest little gift to your family & friends.

To enter please leave a comment under this post telling me what your favorite item is from Lindsey's shop!!
For an extra chance to win follow her blog and leave me a comment telling me that you are now a follower

Thanks !!! Good Luck


  1. Amazing Christy, thanks again for the opportunity! Love ya!

  2. What a cute shop ! I love the happy birthday banner ! It would be perfect for my little guy who is turning 1 in July :) !

  3. I love those little card wallets!! How adorable! :)


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