Friday, April 2, 2010

From my bunny to yours

These are popping up everywhere...
Goodies from my latest junk hunt. Few of those are in my shop

Sorry for the long picture post.
Couple pictures of Maddie I shot while playing with our new bubble machine.
She loves that bunny hat wants to wear it all the time. 
Even when it's 70 degrees or at night with her PJ's. The girl LOVES hats & sunglasses!!
We've been having some beautiful weather, in the 70's here lately. 
So every night we go for a wagon ride
 and then fight to go inside for dinner.

We are going to try and see the Easter bunny this afternoon not sure how that's going to go :)
Then tomorrow Maddie and I are going to venture to a nearby flea market. Tis the season. I'm excited
Check out a few of my goodies from last weekend above. I love the necklace., sorry not going in my shop :(
And the fabric I'm keeping too love the white dot fabric 2yards for $2 Not bad right ?
And the sailboat seersucker is cute, can't wait to use it.

Okay so now for the cracked vase. That was my latest and most wanted Etsy purchase.
Brokenhearted to open it to find out it was cracked. I was so upset I paid a good bit for it.
And just had to have it. The Etsy seller was gracious enough to refund all of my money !!
whew.. I am so thankful. So what was a girl to do next... hmm checked Ebay they had the
exact same piece for a cheaper price than what I orignially paid.
Now I'm sweating bullets hoping it arrives safely!
I fell in love with this vase after seeing it on Etsy added it to my favorites and then a couple weeks later
while visiting my grandmother's house I spotted the same vase in a different color. It was beautiful!
Plus she told me it was her fathers and he was a lawyer and kept it in his office to put flowers in.
How neat is that, so I knew I had to have the yellow one. It's a Shawnee piece numbered at the
bottom. It will look so nice with my Fiesta ware pieces.
Any thoughts what I should do with the broken one ?
bust up and use the pieces somehow ?
glue together ?

Happy Easter!!

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