Friday, April 12, 2013

Sweet Brielle

Happy Friday!
Exactly enjoying this crappy rainy day is giving me much needed catch up time
My guest room/office is out of control

I wanted to take and time and share a Bit about a sweet girl
Brielle Beus whom is losing her battle with cancer
She just got word in March that the cancer was back and her body is too
weak to do another bone marrow transplant

Maddie and I decided to make her a pillowcase with her name
and Maddie drew her a great picture. Hoping these will brighten her day

Such a brave girl with a Huge Smile!!
Pray for this sweet girl
Her Story has touched me so, Especially cause I have a daughter
and son and can't imagine something like this happening to them
Makes you feel horrible complaining when they have a cold or an ear infection.
Really makes you think how special life is and how at any moment life can change

Cancer is all around us
My Step mother has Cancer (in Remission, thank goodness)
and one of my Best Friends is a Breast Cancer Surviver 

Please Send Brave Brielle and her family some love
Letters, drawings, anything

Read about her and her family here 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Christy
    I too was touched by Brielle's story. At such a young age to be so brave and go through so much and still have a smile on her face.. wow what an inspirational young girl!!!
    the pillowcase you made her is gorgeous!!!
    my son drew her a picture and wrote her a letter and seeing as we are from Australia we sent her a few little Australian souvenirs.
    I hope that Brielle knows how many lives she has touched with her beautiful smile.


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