Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Entry Way

Howdy, Happy Tuesday
Back at it after a weekend of celebrating 
our 7 anniversary
and visiting with my Dad & Lynn 
Can't wait to share more on that later

But I wanted to post a few pictures of my 
"work in progress" Pinterest  inspired Entry Way
It all started with the photo above, 
I love the curtains on the side windows
the rug, the dresser.
Mine doesn't look quite as good as I envisioned
 let's just say but it's a starting point

Love the Curtains (HomeGoods Find)
 wish they were a tad bit longer
I thought about adding a fabric ruffle addition to the bottom,
 to spiff them up some 
What do you think ?

Loving this lil vignette our family photo canvas
two plates that were my Grandmothers & an old crock
filled with Stuffed Sugar & Flour sacks

Next up is adding some more color, to perk it up some
And finding a thin console or sofa table for the other wall
and some more art work

I'd also like to add some hooks for hanging purses
and few coats

$$ is extremely tight these days, so trying to work/repurpose things
or find stuff at consignment shops etc.

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  1. ooh it looks great! i love the theater seats there- they look perfect!

  2. It looks beautiful - well done! I have those same bothersome windows on the side of my door and I haven't known how to cover them - this is perfect! Thanks for the inspiration. (I found you at A Wise Woman Link-Up.) Have a blessed day ~


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