Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Say No to Auto

I just finished reading Kristen Duke's E Book
I thought a would share some info on this book thought
some of you might be interested. 
This book is perfect for beginners or someone that might need a refresher.
Her book which is 17 pages long shares the 3 Basic steps
to understanding Manual Camera Settings.
If you are intimidated by your wordy hard to read manual or if your nervous about turning that dial off the Auto setting. This book
will be a great resource. The book has in the first couple pages a glossary of helpful photography terms, great for a beginner.
 She starts the book by explaining in great detail
the 3 basic steps that work together to form as she calls it a "perfect recipe" in a shot.  Starting with how to determine your ISO. She gives excellant 
example lighting condition situations and the ISO that she recommends for them. In the back of the book she also gives photo examples of each lighting condition. This is great! If you have no idea where to start. Read this part. Then she goes on to help you identify your aperture. She again gives great photo examples. I am a visual learner, this part was right up my alley. She finishes up with helping you adjust your shutter speed.
Kristen fills you up with great easy to understand information then
challenges you by giving you practice formulas.
Great homework!

You can purchase Kristen E book here for $10
(note it can be printed in 4x6 form to stash in your camera bag)
You can also order a hard copy of the book here for $20
Ordering info is on the right hand side of the page

Stop by and check out Kristen's blog here
She's a natural light photographer and has a great eye!
Love her Decorating with Portraits posts

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