Tuesday, July 5, 2011

1st birthday book

Hope everyone had a great fourth! 
We spent most of the day cleaning/working on the house
Maddie had a great play date with Mom Mom & Pops
they went to the park & lunch. 
She was beat after that and took a great nap.
Then in the evening we headed to the fireworks
we found what ended up to be a great spot to watch them this year
however someone was scared to death of the fireworks
so we ended up sitting in the car and watching like 15 minutes of them
and then she was ready to go. She did not like the noise.
We were so close., We ended up bringing the baby
and needless to say he didn't make a peep..
 sleep thru the whole thing.

Anyway I have calmed down a bit since I found daycare
and am using my time home with baby to my advantage.
Before we started the cleaning/painting house duties
I managed to get Maddie's 1st birthday scrapbook done.
Felt good, if I could just get hers to date I would feel better.
I am starting to change my mind about scrapbooking
It's more of a bother for me anymore. I hate getting everything out
and putting it all away. Plus I can't get inspired.
I am thinking about doing photo books for the kids one for every year.
We'll see how that works out. I have already started with Dalton
and have done a photo book with pictures from his birth and first week.
Am thinking about selling some of my scrapbooking supplies.
I'll have to think about that. 

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  1. I hear ya on the scrapbooking thing. I have a slew of stuff but the desire and inspiration is just not there. I bought a 365 kit and plan to try that instead. The problem I have is that I'd already started several pages for Sawyer and now I don't want to just stick those randomly in the 365 book but I also don't want to just have a few months in a separate album. My husband says I should finish the year but that a daunting task considering I'm about 9 months behind! Good luck with whatever direction you go.


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