Thursday, May 5, 2011

The road to Beaufort Wine & Food Weekend

I am slowly getting back into our routine here at home
I finally uploaded 566 pictures last night from the Wine & Food weekend.
2 more days of pictures to upload yet.
But this week I have been a little sidetracked little Miss turns 3
this weekend! plus it's mothers day. Big weekend!
Busy getting stuff ready for her party. Tonights chore is getting stuff
ready for her class tomorrow. Making cupcakes & goodie bags for her
classmates. Plus made treats for her teachers as this week is
teacher appreciation week. Busy, Busy!!

But thought I'd start with posting a few pictures from our trip down
to the wine weekend activites. We ended up not leaving as early as
we hoped but it all worked out. We left around 630am ish..
And we had hoped someone would sleep but no she was way to
nosey to go back to sleep. She kept asking where we
going Mommy!! We made good time. Stopped for breakfast in Exmore
at my favorite diner! Then we were back on the road and stopped
in to check out some things in Edenton. One of them being an
old Peanut Mill factory that's for sale. Just for curiosity we have dreams of opening a brewery/winery that's Tom's dream. Of course I would have a photography studio or a junk/antique shop in it too..
Enough dreaming  it ended upbeing a lot rougher than we thought.
Too much work for us. The top couple pictures are of it. Of course it
poured it's butt off as soon as we got to Edenton.
Then we stopped for lunch at Kristy's an Italian place and got back
on the road again and made it my brothers house by 445ish I think.
So excited to see my cute nephew ! He's changed so much since the
last time I saw him. Love this picture of him & made having a cheese stick
break on Mike's lap.
So much more to share, so check back..

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