Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting inspired

Love the orange rug & the Giant Swan

Love this built in desk in the kitchen area

Peeked in the boys room love this alcove (spelling?) with the stripes & the fish..

Love the Mermaid of course & the beautiful tile in my favorite colors !!

Getting ready to start getting my daughter's big girl room redo on.
I am so ready!! NESTING TIME!
I have been in Nesting treading water so to speak
my mother in law is suppose to move out this weekend :)

Thought I'd share a few pictures of a lil girl's room I got to peek at
and a few snapshots of some other rooms that I peeked at whileI was there.

First off my friend wanted me to see the color of her niece's bed. Excuse the picture quality used my little camera.  As it's similar to what I want to paint Maddie's big girl bed. I love the mix of colors in her room. And her bathroom tile eek.. love it. But wait I am getting ahead of myself.
I love the color of the bed mixed with the colorful pillows.
And I am in love with the vintage dress in the shadow box hanging above the bed. I so want to do this in Maddie's room. I thought about putting one of my favorite dress of hers from when she was a baby in there. Or one of mine from when I was a baby if I have one ? We'll see new project to work on.
So this weekend starts the redo.
Ready to tackle the bed painting project & rearrange furniture.
Then on to the nursery!! I'm all about some decorating & rearranging lately

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