Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Meet Indie & Chic

Hey guys your in for a treat today!
 I'd like for you to meet the super sweet Samantha from Indie & Chic.
I found her blog thru Knitty Bitties whom I did a giveaway with.
I also won ad space from a giveaway she was having! How cool is that.
I am super stoked. So neat to have your name/blog out there.
I wanted to pass the word about her awesome blog and my new favorite Etsy shop  Indie & Chic.
You must check it out! Go here and do so. Leave her some comment love.
For now here's a bit about Samantha and how Indie & Chic got started.

Hi, I'm Samantha, the brains behind Indie and Chic. I'm currently less than a month away from being 22... feels so weird to say that. Besides my business I spend all my time studying for school, looking for jobs (I graduate soon), longboarding, listening to indie bands and reading blogs.

I started I & C when I was just a tiny little Sophomore in college, now I'm a very wise and mature Senior, haha. Indie and Chic began when I found and started to make headbands and cards. For the first year, I had no branding and my etsy username had nothing to do with anything. So last summer in July I actually became Indie and Chic. My dream is to have a business large enough to sustain a work from home lifestyle.

-My favorite items in the shop right now are the daffodil post earrings.
I love their shape and colors, reminds me of anthropologie.

I'm also loving the membership option in the shop. Mostly just because I get to spend extra time picking out new items only available for the members and also decorating their packages.

Darling ring

These vintage earrings are to die for

I love these super cute mini mum earrings I got my eyes on the blue ones

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