Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The only good picture I have of the Red Caboose motel., The caboose's are your room. How crazy is that ?
I'd love to see the inside of one of those.

Port Deposit

Fighting to stay awake on the train

Here are some detail shots from our trip to PA
I think my favorite is the last one.
The trains had lots of interestng pieces to photograph, I managed a few shots.
Hard to do with a 2yr on the loose.
I love the Red Caboose Motel, I think that is so neat.
One car is a restaurant, and behind it is a field full of Train cars.
Check out their website. Looks interesting. Not sure if I could sleep in those tiny quarters.. lol

I wish we could have explored Port deposit a little more
 but the little one had just woke up and was cranky.

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  1. Christy - those are some of my favorites - I love shot's like those on vacation - I hate watching people stand straight up like statues in front of places on vacation- how boring!!
    old train stations are great to shooot


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