Monday, June 14, 2010

Choo Choo

Mr. Good Humor ! I know he had to be roasting in that outfit.

Maddie loved Thomas the Trains and the trains in general.
But none of us loved the 90 degree weather and 3 million people there.
By the time we got to ride on Thomas Maddie was blinking & fighting to stay awake
Poor lil girl the heat did a number on her. There wasn't much shade, but while waiting to
get on the train we decide to go to the PA Railroad museum across the street 
Which was air conditioned!! Yippee. Maddie loved it there.
You could get onto the trains and check out different cars & the caboose.
They even had an education room, that was full of different legos,
and train sets that the kids could run. A station for each age group.
Bad decision to go in there with limited time as we had to pull her out
kicking and screaming to make it to the train in time.

No time for any antiquing., but we did have a nice belly buster lunch
at Millers Smorgasboard. Always a nice treat.
On the way home we ended up coming through Conawonga Dam.
And thru Port Deposit, which was a cool little town.
I'll share more pictures tomorrow.


  1. What a fun day for Maddie! Other than the heat and the kicking and screaming, it was a great day...right?? Oh I do remember the days of the kicking and screaming. Don't worry she'll outgrow it:)


  2. i had no idea there was a real thomas the train. my kids would freak out if they saw that!

  3. We never made it to ride the real Thomas...our train lover is moving away from her beloved trains now.


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