Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Antique hunting in Swansboro

Love this bed.
 When I put this picture on my computer I spotted  that robins egg blue toolbox
eek. I didn't even see that. There was so much in this little building. I must have missed it :(
Mike if your reading this  "hint, hint" would be a great Xmas gift. lol
I have had a thing lately for old toolboxes, and this one is in my favorite color!!

Lots of goodies, love the green coffee table, and that blue step stool
Love this chair, the color is awesome, pillow is pretty cute too.
I love to get this for Maddie's room. I've seen this print somewhere on the web.
Awesome store, Love the stuff on the outside. Maddie was very well behaved.
I want this Chandlier too !!  I like the mirror in the back ground too.
Luv the colors
I love the yellow Nugrape bottles., so different. You don't see many yellow print bottles.

Checking out the bottles, My brother is a bottle collector.

Couple photos from our side trip to Swansboro.
My brother took us to some neat antique shops along the way.
The couple pictures above with all of the cottagey, beachy stuff was actually a little shed.
Stuffed full of goodies. It even had bead board on the inside. Painted a cute shade of green.
I ended up getting an old bread box, and a cute little bird planter. But saw lots that I wanted.
We then went to downtown Swansboro and walked around and checked out a few shops.
I'll share some of those another day. Hope I am boring you by dragging are trip photos on, and on.


  1. i would have been in happy-ville in that shop -
    did you get the bed?

    p.s. -
    love your trip photos - too

  2. I need that shell chandy like I need oxygen!

    Why didn't you get it???
    Go back. Right now! Go!


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