Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Red Red Wine

My Favorite Pink Champagne

Simple decorating with the corks

Not the best lighting but
I love the reflections in the bottle.
See the ring of colored lights on the bottle
The room was lined with them.

Sorry for the delay in posting Blogger and I had a fight.
He wouldn't let me upload photos.
Apparently Blogger updated something alot of people are mad.
Anyway here are a few of my favorite wine bottle, cork etc. shots
Tomorrow I intend to post some food shots


  1. awesome shots of the corks - I should start saving up all my corks from work and do something creative w/ them -
    love the circle of lights relected in the bottle too -
    can't wait to see the food shots

  2. Beautiful! To use the corks as decor, such a natural. Me too, I should save them up!



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