Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sucker For Succulents

Love me some succulents I am always drawn to them
Just wish they were more affordable
On my to do list is to make a terrarium
But for now I am busy splitting up my succulents batches 
and filling up misc planters like this one
This was an estate sale find, was hoping to clean it up and put it in my shop
it's a 1800 piece of WMA Rogers Silverplate collection 
However it seems it's beyond repair, I love the patina myself
so I planted a little sprig from my favorite succulents and taxa...
there you have it, Take a look around you never know what you might find

Been busy here creeping into a schedule or should I say normal routine
Miss Maddie is now riding the bus, does make it easier for us
and she loves it !!

We have met our new neighbors, they are nice but lots of different
children coming and going we have adopted one of them already 
A 9yr old girl, who thank goodness is only there once a week oops did I say that... She has spent all week over our house, super nice girl mines her manners but whew... mama doesn't need another one to watch..
I love seeing Maddie have someone to play with but it's gotten a little out of hand already., I may be jumping the gun I know it's new and fun and they may get tired of each other soon but eek I have so many mixed thoughts about it

I have tried the we need a break for some family time and that results in her waiting on our porch and peeking in the windows...
I feel truly bad that her family doesn't seem to care about her whereabouts or  
what she's up to...
Guess we will see what next week brings

I have shot it here on top of this piece that is headed to my shop
it's a vintage dresser piece I have heard lots of different views on this piece
one that it is either a childs play set or a jewelry box that sat on your dresser to hold your jewels ?? Anyone know anything about it

It's a wood, and painted a distressed white

Hoping to have it in the shop by tomorrow., Hope it finds a great home its and unusual piece

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