Thursday, August 1, 2013

Walk on Swamp Bridge


The oldest is all about some nature, loves spiders, snakes, earth
I could go on and on you should see her picks from the library
I love it, I love that she's exploring her interests
and I love that she loves books...

Well why the 3 million swamp pictures
I found this gem of a spot while yard saleing in a fancy gated community
Well I have been wanting to go back and
 explore this little walk way into the woods I saw

So the other day we finally did it, Maddie was amazed she loved every bit of it
however the bridge over the swamp stopped and just lead right into the swampy woods eek..
My thoughts heck no I ain't even thinking about going in there
snake central...ugh 

I managed to keep them occupied looking over the edge into the water
we talked about what animals lived there 
And we watched 300 million dragonflies in their glory skating around the brim of the water 

My favorite bit from swamp bridge ( as we named it )
was these stumps and all of spanish moss

Here's the water can you see anything in there...

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