Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Randoms from the Garden

Hey there...
Recovering from a crazy good weekend & a fall down the stairs :(
The In Laws were in town this weekend first time since we moved here
It was nice to show them around and explore some places we haven't even been to yet. We had a nice dinner downtown & visit to a couple beaches & a trip to the aquarium whew... The kiddos were wore out

Alot of photos to share, but wanted to share a couple from our lil garden
We have a bunch of Cherry Tomatos that are almost ready
and a few peppers that have started and herbs gone wild

And this crazy cactus like plant my dad gave me is blooming like
crazy, I love the cascading blooms

Love this shot from the backyard 
Reminds me of lyrics from Darius Ruckers version of Wagon Wheel
"land of the pines" 

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